Monday, October 17, 2011

Visit to the Fire Station

Two weekends ago we went to the fire station for some free food, and fun. Peyton had lots of fun sitting on different vehicles and hanging out with her cousins. She's never been a fan of hotdogs, but she did enjoy her cookie. I was more than pleased to gobble up a free hotdog, and down a free coke. It totally hit the spot... probably because it was free lunch. :) Noah didn't like his hotdog either. I thought hotdogs were an unhealthy staple that kids love. What's up with that?  

I love the sense of community where we live in Idaho. The fire station was packed with kids and parents. There was a bunch of booths set up for different emergency services in our area, a couple games, free stuff for the kids, fire safety demonstrations, and free water, soda, ice cream, cookies, and hotdogs. :) 

blah, blah, blah. This probably isn't that interesting to you, but I took pictures, so I thought I'd blog about it.

Ready to go!

Checking out what the big kids are doing in the back of the firetruck.

Pageant stance

"Hi, Noah!"

Making sure her balloon doesn't float up to the ceiling.

Done with the picture taking

Flying the helicopter with Hunter and Ty

Sitting in the big firetruck, but really I just wanted to show you that I finally learned how to french braid. Not the best job, but I'm proud.


Steph said...

Love the pictures! Peyton looks older in these. I can't believe she's making her way to four!

Haiza said...

Peyton is starting to look like such a big girl. What a couple of cuties you guys have. I can't believe how quickly time flies! And yay for lunch hope to french braid. That is a huge accomplishment. :)