Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ten on Tuesday- Peyton says edition

Peyton makes us laugh all day long. I thought I'd write down some funny things she has said this week, and share them with you. Please excuse the lack of punctuation and such. I'm typing on our iPad, it's too much work, and I'm trying to get this post up before Tuesday is over, and I want to watch parenthood. There's my story. ::stomp, stomp::

1. Sorry, dad, I didn't mean to broke it.

2. I'm violet. If you call me Peyton one more time I will say I'm violet.

Cory- okay, peyton.

I'm violet.

3. Peyton made up a song the other day to the tune of twinkle, twinkle little star.

I love puppies so'o much, but I don't have one now.

4. Pretending to be Noah:

(said in a high voice) can I have some milk, dad?
(said in a deep voice) coming up.

5. I was talking about how quick the year was going to go by, and I said before you know it it's going to be mother's day, and then father's day...

Peyton exclaimed,"then daughter's day!"

6. When I was making my yarn wreath...
Peyton- are you making a tire swing?

Me- no

Peyton- well, it looks like one. You should pretend its a tire swing.

7. why are you making that noise, dad? Do you need to poo poo? Don't poo poo in the car.

8. Peyton- pocoyo is sleeping at home, but his eyes are open.

Cory- how do you know if he is at home?

Peyton- ::embarrassed laughter:: oh! Because I have super eyesight.

9. Peyton: when I went to school I kissed a pumpkin, and it turned into a prince.

Me: are you sure about that?

Peyton: yep!

10. Peyton: what are those blue and orange lights for?

Cory: Boise state

Peyton: or girlsie state.


Steph said...

Ha! I love number ten. Girlsie state. Awesome.

Daniel McKnight said...

I laughed until I had an asthma attack. Thanks, Peyton!

Haiza said...

hahahah!!!!!! Funniest kid ever!!!