Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cascade and McCall

My parents just left yesterday afternoon. We had a great visit that went by way too quickly. Saturday morning my dad, Peyton and I went to my cousin's football game while my mom got her hair done. Cory stayed home with Noah while he took his morning nap. At about 2:30, after sitting at home searching the internet for something to do we decided to make a trip up to Cascade Lake. We haven't(including my parents) really been more than 45 minutes north of where we live, so we just wanted to check it out. I think Cascade is about an hour and a half away. We weren't planning on getting in the water, but the kids had other plans. Noah went straight for the water. I had packed extra clothes, so all was well, and we let them splash around to their little hearts content. 

Peyton and my dad

Staying warm while she waits for her dry clothes.

Satisfied with a little lake fun, and new warm clothes.

We decided to head a little further north to eat dinner in McCall. We arrived at a picture perfect time. The kids weren't too interested in getting their pictures taken, so I snapped a few of the marina. I've never been sailing, but I think it looks like so much fun. I'd be too scared to do it in the ocean, but sign me up any day to sail on a lake! McCall is the prettiest little town. I'm sure we will make many trips up there throughout the years.

Peyton and her "trunk".

Crosswalks that don't have those signs that tell you when to go have flags for pedestrians to carry when they walk across the street. Peyton loved them!

The End. 


Krista said...

If this is Idaho, sign me up! We can go to McCall for family vacations any time!

Erica said...

both those places are beautiful! wow!

Steph said...

I love that the trees are changing colors. The lake and the little town remind me of where we will probably end up living. Every time we take the kids somewhere with water they pretty much always get wet! Props for being prepared.