Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!

1. I'm so behind in blogging. I thought once Cory got here I would be back to my regular picture taking and blog writing schedule. Not so much. Since my last post...

2. Peyton turned 3! I started writing a letter to her on her birthday, but still haven't finished it.

3. We aren't just spending the summer in Idaho, we've actually moved here. Surprise! We found tenants for our home in Alabaster, and jumped at the opportunity to move west. 

3. Cory and his friend Daniel drove across the country on Aug. 6th, and got here on the 8th. The kids and I were so happy to finally have Cory with us!

4. Cory, Daniel, and I drove up through the mountains, and found a day use area on the side of the road along the Payette River. Daniel suggested that we swim across the river. The current was pretty strong(or I am probably just wimpy), and the water was cold, but we made it! The boys found a rope swing, but there was no way I was going to try it, swimming across the river was good enough for me. I practically had a panic attack each time they swung into the air. I tried to talk them out of it every time, and then would yell, "let go, let go" when they were in the middle of the river. I was so afraid they were going to land on a rock or swing back into the tree and die.

5. I wanted to wait until Cory was here to celebrate Peyton's birthday. On the 10th we filled her room with pink balloons (something we started last year), and then had a party for her in the afternoon. I will share pictures soon! It was a small party, just my mom, nephews, niece, two cousins, my aunt, Cory and Daniel. 

6. Cory, Daniel, and I went white water rafting. So much fun! We did the same run Cory and I did 6 years ago, the lower south fork. Totally something you have to do if you are ever in Boise, Idaho.

7. Daniel left last Friday, and my parents went back to Cali last Saturday. Since then we have been trying to unpack, and get settled. We absolutely love it here! I wish everyone I know and love would move here as well! So be ready for me to talk to you about it every chance I get. :)

8. I tried to take Peyton's 3 year pictures last night. She was not having it. A few hours later I understood why when she unloaded everything she ate right into my lap. lovely. She hasn't thrown up since 4:30 this morning, but she has a fever. poor thing. :( I'm really, really hoping no one else gets sick!

9. Peyton starts ballet in a few weeks! The only bummer is I have to watch on a tv in the lobby. boo. Hopefully I'll have a chance to take some pictures before or after class.

10. We decided to forgo preschool this year. 

So that's what's been happening the last couple of weeks.


hwilson718 said...

So did ya know you were moving before you headed out for "vacation" I couldn't imagine Craig closing down our house! Very excited about your move, we were in Idaho last week and loved it!

Peyton's Pages said...

Yes, we knew. We waited to share it with the world until Cory got here. We packed up our house, and put our stuff in storage before the kids and I flew out. Our tenants had to be in by June 25th, so Cory stayed with a friend for the weeks he stayed in Alabama. you should totally move here! :)

The Stachurskis said...

Ok so you are in Boise? Or close to it? I need to know where to start looking for a house! :) I CAN'T WAIT to move and be done with the military. I mean, we have a few more years but still. I'm a planner! ha! Peyton looks so adorable even though she wasn't feeling good. I love, love, LOVE your pictures Kim! You are so very talented.

Krista said...

I love little Pobs. She is a great little subject, sick and crabby or not.

I'm glad the cat's outta the bag. I can't wait to come out there in two months! And I'm glad you've been reunited with Cory -- the family is complete.

Steph said...

1. It's ok, I pretty much loathe blogging right now. Glad you updated, though!
2. Happy Birthday again, big girl!
3. Yay for Cory being home!
4. That sounds like fun! I got rather gaspy when the kids were on the tree swing in Idaho. I hear ya.
5. Sounds like a nice time.
6. Fun, fun, fun! I would love to do that. Maybe we can go yaya rafting!
7. So glad you love it there!
8. Poor kid. Is she feeling better today?
9. Oh, that will make for some cute pictures!
10. It's expensive. Good call.