Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy 3rd birthday, Peyton!

Peyton Olivia Brenlie,
    I can hardly believe that you are 3 years old! The time seems to be flying by, but I hardly remember you being a teeny tiny baby. I could not ask for a better daughter. You are so incredibly smart, and imaginative. The other day you were pretending to be Map, and told Grandma she was Dora, and when I asked who I could be you said, "Helena". I had never heard that name before. I thought you were just making something up, but when I asked you who she was you said, "a miniature Russian doll". I mean, really, who says that? haha. I love that when a stranger asks you your name you have to think to about it first because you are trying to decide if you should tell them your actual name or the name of the character you are pretending to be.
   Since you are a toddler (well, I suppose now you're considered a preschooler) you definitely have your moments of not listening, giving attitude, and being ornery. But your heart is so good. You are so sweet, and care about how others feel. You are quick to forgive, and will usually share.
   I love your free spirit, and how happy you are. You just love life, always have. I hope that never changes. I am so excited about watching you grow this year! I absolutely cannot wait until you start dance! I hope you have a lot of fun, and make lots of friends. I love you Peyton Olivia Brenlie though I'm sure you'd prefer it if I called you Scout! :)

Some facts:
  You are just about a size 8.5 in shoes. You wear 3t clothes. You've been day time potty trained for a year, and night time trained since April. You love to draw, swim, dance, sing, and pretend to me a dog or Map from Dora. You are super outgoing and make friends wherever you go. You can recognize all the letters and numbers. You will pretty much watch anything on TV, but your favorites are Diego, Dora, Bubble Guppies, and Team Umizoomi. You still are not very opinionated about what you wear (yay!). Your favorite color is usually pink, but sometimes purple. :) When you grow up you want to be a butterfly.

Now a look back at this past year, the song is currently Peyton's favorite song (she used to think it was "you smell. I smell"):


Krista said...

I loved reading and watching this! Even though I've seen most of these pictures, I smiled the whole time. She is such a beautiful, spirited girl with such character. I hope that never changes! (And PS, change her age in your sidebar!)

Holly said...

I totally shed a few tears with your letter to Peyton. I can't wait to be a momma! She's sooo beautiful!

Love the slideshow and that that's her fave song. lol!! Even 3 year olds get Bieber fever.

Hillary said...

Some of those pictures of her really looked like you.

Unknown said...

YAY PEYTON!!! Love you!

ang said...

why does it always say "unknown" when I post comments? UGH! btw its ang

Steph said...

I love watching her change in the pictures. She's such a cute kid. I agree with Hillary, I see you in her.

The Stachurskis said...

I am once again late on this. Grrr. Happy birhday to a beautiful, creative, amazing little girl! Kim, you are doing such an incredible job with your little ones. You can see all of the hard work in how they play/act. Kudos my friend! I can't believe she's already 3!!!!