Friday, July 8, 2011

Noah is 10 months!

Double digit months!

Noah just started crawling yesterday! Way to go, Noah! I must say, he is the cutest crawler ever! He is pretty slow, but has perfect form. :) he's also trying to pull up now. He can only get up on his knees though. He is getting better at drinking from a sippy cup, but he still needs some help. He isn't too fond of eating purees, but since he wont drink formula from a bottle or a cup I have to continue to get it in him through cereal. He has finally started "talking"... mamama and bababa. He works really hard at getting those sounds out. He has been a complete crab. He was a little sick with  virus that caused a rash on his face. Poor little guy. Now he is just a teething mess. At least he is sleeping through the night again. He was up almost all night for a few days while he was sick. I was exhausted. I hope these teeth bust through soon. The only thing that seems to make him happy is listening to music, driving around or having me hold him, but I have to be standing up and moving... not so easy to do with an almost 24 pounder! He is already working on his tantrum abilities. ::sigh:: It's been a pretty rough start to the month, but he is still the sweetest, cutest little big guy.


Krista said...

Hooray for ten months, my favorite Noah friend! I cannot believe he is almost one. I vote you fly out here for his party and I can help you plan it!

Please tell me you can see Peyton in that picture you posted. The way his little face is looks just like she did/does sometimes! But he still looks like Noah. Love him!

Quilted YaYa said...

Yea! for crawling. :) He's just on Noah time. I miss you being closer, and I never even got to meet them. :( Blessings to you all.

Steph said...

Happy ten months to Noah! What a big kid!