Tuesday, July 26, 2011

10 on Tuesday!

1. Noah is getting so close to pulling himself all the way up. He has been trying really hard to get up the stairs, and almost climbed one today. I just sat back watching him. He is one determined little dude, and was not pleased when I pulled him away and closed the gate. No more open gate at the bottom of the stairs in this house.

2. I am so ready for peyton's cast to be off. It was so hot today, and we played inside while everyone else swam. She doesn't seem to think she is missing out, and doesn't even want to talk about the doctor taking her cast off. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be holding down a screaming child come next Monday!

3. Noah is the biggest dog loving baby I have ever seen. He absolutely cannot get enough of my parents golden retriever.

4. I love them.

5. Before the cracked elbow. Her hair is getting so long. I asked if I could cut it, but she said no thanks. Too bad. I love short hair on little girls. When I cut it last winter she didn't even notice, so I just might do it anyway. We'll see.

6. Pearly whites and baby blues.

7. Noah must be going through a growth spurt, the kid does not stop eating! Or maybe its just because he is a boy. 

8. I am really struggling with finding things to talk about. How about some reality tv show talk? 

First up, The Bachelorette: JP is my favorite, but I like Ben, too. Its hard to get past his hair though. Poor Ryan, so desperate. I really hope they don't pick him for the next Bachelor. Can't wait for the "guys tell all". As much as I dislike him, I am looking forward to the conversation with Bentley. 

I will totally be watching The Bachelor Pad. Vienna and Jake, what a train wreck!

I'm totally hooked on Big Brother. I will be so sad if Jordan and Jeff get split up. I don't want either one of them to go home.

Luke and I have been watching Teen Mom together. He just sits there laughing, and I sit there shaking my head.

9. You don't even want to know what the kitchen floor looks like. I just keep handing Noah crackers so I can finish up this post.

10. Thinking about putting Peyton in a Montessori preschool. She may be able to get a scholarship, so we'll see. I just need to figure out the car situation. 


Krista said...

Let her hair grow (unless it gets ratty and tangled -- in that case, cut it!). I like long hair. :) Charisse just cut her hair short-short and it's cute though. I'll love her either way.

Noah is getting big. He's gonna be just as big when I visit as Peyton was the first time I went to Alabama (well, a month younger). I hope he likes me, since Peyton likes "Here-y" the best. Maybe I can have Noah as a consolation prize. I'll walk up and down, up and down the stairs with him.

I love that Noah is a dog lover. Me, too. I'll bring him a stuffed dog for my visit.

Holly said...

The kids are stink in' adorable as usual! Glad Peyton gets the cast off soon and go Noah!!

I like Ben's hair. :) lol I'm with you on the Bachelor Pad....I'll watch it just to see Jake and Vienna duke it out. And I love to hate and hate to love Teen Mom. Some are actually really good moms but with loser boyfriends. Others are terrible. Have you seen Teen Mom 2 with Janelle? I want to punch her.