Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thinking of Baby Names

Even before I was pregnant I was constantly thinking about what we would name our next child. Cory doesn't like a couple of my boy names, and most of my girl names. What do you guys like?

The boy names I like:

Levi, Asher, Samuel, Benjamin, Jonah, Jonas, Niall, Tristan, Reuben

Girl names I like:

Lauren, Ellie, Isabella, Madelyn, Reagan, Rowan, Macy, Reese, and sometimes Penelope


kristawilbur said...

Well, because this is my baby, here's what I think (even though we've talked about some of these before):

Levi, Asher, Jonas, Tristan

Ellie, Regan, Rowan, Macy, Reese (my fav, but probably for obvious reasons)

erica said...

jonas or levi
ellie or macy

those are my top two pics of those for a boy and a girl ;)

cory said...

boy: rueben


Holly said...

Tristan and Ellie!

Mom said...

Samuel and Benjamin I don't think you're having a girl but in case you do Brenlie of course!
Brenlie Nicole

hillary said...

i don't like the name levi because i know a bad levi, reuben is like a reuben sandwich.

penelope is like a pig. i like the rest of both sexes. no penelope.

hillary said...

ha i just noticed that the two names i dislike the most are the ones cory liked. sorry.

steph said...

Tristan for a boy and Reagan for a girl.

Ashley said...

Lol Jonas and Macy remind me of the show JONAS on the Disney Channel. Macy is some crazed fan that follows the Jonas bros. around lol, but I do like Jonas, and Jonah and Madelyn.

cory said...

all you voting for tristan.... its all for naught. my son will not be named that.

cory said...

how can you not like penelope. its cute and girly and you can call her penny. It reminds me of penelope pitstop from the hanna barbera racing cartoon, Wacky Races. Or of the Girl Penny from "The Rescuers."

kristawilbur said...

Penelope reminds me of the character from SNL, and I can't wish that on a child! :)

Haiza said...

I like... Asher, Jonah, Jonas
Ellie, Madelyn, and Penelope

Cory: I agree with you Tristan is the last pick from that list.

Bethany said...

I think Tristan is a cute girls name ;)... I love the name Ellie!! Asher is cute for a boy!