Tuesday, February 16, 2010

10 on tuesday.

1. I bought the wrong size diapers, so yesterday I decided to give potty training a try. 1 successful potty time, and 8 accidents later I put Peyton in the cloth diapers we had.

2. Day 2 of cloth diapers. I have 4 disposables left, but  I need them for bedtime, and tomorrow morning.

3. Tomorrow Peyton is finally going to her 18 month well check. I'll also be buying diapers. :)

4. I think Peyton has finally mastered the use of a spoon. Well, maybe. She did use her hand to get the last couple of bites of applesauce.

5. If Peyton is trying to climb on the coffee table, and I say her name she replies back with, "get down. yes, mommy." while still trying to climb on top. :/

6. We went to Rooms to Go Kids last Saturday, and Peyton loved it! She was having a blast climbing on all the chairs and beds, saying hi to everyone, and trying to play with the other kids. I heard one little boy who was probably 6 tell his older brother that, "he wasn't even going to try to talk to a baby". haha. Who needs Chuck E Cheese when you've got a furniture store?

7. If I didn't love Peyton's current bedding so much I would be dying to redo her room.

8. Toddler bed or just a twin mattress and box spring?

9. I still haven't taken Peyton's 18 month pictures. Maybe if it was warmer than 40 degrees I would. Last year she was able to wear a t-shirt and cotton pants. Remember?

10. Winter is only welcome in December. I want warmer weather!!


steph said...

#8 I think the twin bed is fine if you don't want to spend the money for something you will have to upgrade later. If you want more space in the room you could do the toddler bed. My kids loved their big kid beds.

erica said...

skip the toddler bed for sure! unless her crib is one that converts to a toddler bed, then let her sleep in that. but don't buy a toddler bed, it's just a waste of money! we went straight from the convertible crib to a twin bed w/ sean and he loved it!

Mom said...

Hold on until I get there please if you're going to redecorate. I want to help :)