Friday, October 16, 2009

Are you kidding me with this cuteness?!?!?!

Today was/is the first cold fall day of 2009! I was so excited that Peyton could wear her new beanie, which meant a photo shoot opportunity for me. :) Love it! Her little round face looks so cute in hats. She didn't seem to notice the change in temperature. She "ran" down the driveway, picked flowers, kicked a ball, and was happy to just be outside. She has so  much personality. I can't wait to see what kinds of things she'll be interested in. Will she want to play sports, or dance, will she have a good singing voice, will she want to play the piano, will she want to do gymnastics, or will she like to read and write??? Will she want to do it all? I can't wait to see, and I'll be her biggest cheerleader, taking pictures :) and cheering her on in whatever she decides.

Right now she is suppose to be sleeping. I have no idea what she's doing in her crib, but I can hear her talking, fake laughing, and singing "e i e i o"... she does have two stuffed animals in there.











Ash said...

Haha. Those are great! Wonderful , you get a cold day and it's 80 degrees here! So not right, and I'm suppose to do a Fall Photo shoot today. Not very fall feeling sweating like a pig lol. Very cute Kim ;)

kristawilbur said...


kristawilbur said...

Just wanna pinch her little cute cheeks!

steph said...

I love that first one. What a kid. Give her a kiss from steppy.