Tuesday, March 10, 2009

10 on tuesday!

1. I was going to skip today, but decided against it.

2. I hate car maintenance. Both of our cars need oil changes, Cory needs new brakes and we have another warped tire on the jeep, thanks to me for hitting a curb. blah.

3. Cory made brownies last night, he ate one...and they're almost gone...

4. I have been loving the warm weather here, but I'm glad it will be back in the 60s for a little while longer because summer is just around the corner, and I know i will be brutal. 

5. I am very excited about my parents new purchase.

6. I love gorditas from taco bell. Yum!

7. Peyton is liking baby food less and less. What gives? 

8. Tomorrow I'm opening up a savings account for Peyton. She gets her christmas and valentine's day money back. : )

9. I'm watching baby Jada on Thursday, and I'm looking forward to it. More work makes the day go by faster. Faster days means it feels like no time before Cory is home. It also means that Idaho won't feel so far away!!!

10. Digory doesn't bark as much if Daragan is in the backyard with him. Such a nice discovery! 


hillary said...

what's your parents purchase?

battenbloggin said...

Seriously. What is it?

JaxonMaximus said...

That park is in Leeds down 119. It is the coolest park that we have seen here. It has 2 separate play areas one for little kids one for big kids. There are nature trails. I started running there this week. The park it self is huge! We love this it! It is probably about 20-30 min from you. However if you guys plan like a whole morning of it and bring lunch or dinner out there it is so worth it. Especially when she gets a little older.

Peyton's Pages said...

well, they haven't actually bought it yet, but I'll tell you what it is if they end of getting it.

haiza said...

Okay, I see I'm not the only on interested in the secret purchase :)