Monday, November 24, 2008

Dressed to workout

Yesterday we had our Thanksgiving with Cory's parents. We had a good time despite Peyton's crankiness from lack of sleep. I brought my camera, but it never left the car. I hate when I do that. I always have these great plans for all the pictures I'm going to take, and then I end up with none. Boo, and shame on me!

Here is Peyton this morning.
Getting ready to hit the gym. Just Kidding. Though it wouldn't be a bad idea for me!
She's not really used to the flash. Ha!


Daniel McKnight said...

So cute! It was great hanging out with you guys yesterday.

battenbloggin said...

The headband is cute and funny. Did you really keep that on her or just for the pics?

hsherrill87 said...

Awww..I love the new black and white picture of Peyton for your (her) site. So so stinkin cute. Glad I got to see you guys for a bit. Happy Thanksgiving!