Saturday, November 8, 2008

Botanical Gardens

I'm all about the flashbacks these days. Here we are at the Botanical Gardens when Peyton was 3 weeks old.

And here she is at 3 months. Such a big girl now!


hillay said...

she's getting so big! i like that you take pictures in the same places at a different ages. make her lay down on that wooden bench thing and take pictures until she's at least 16. who took the pictures of all you guys together? they are good ones of all of you.

Krista said...

She is so cute! (So is Cory's hat.)

Peyton's Pages said...

James took the ones of all three of us, Cory took the ones of Me and P, and I took all the single shots and Cory and P.

jujusayre said...

you should be so proud she is beautiful and you guys are a beautiful family. We are so proud of you all
Love ya