Monday, October 29, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

We carved pumpkins yesterday, and by we I mean Cory and I carved pumpkins. ha. Noah loved it and tried to get all of the "guts" out, but I don't think he managed to scrape any out. He did enjoy gnawing on the pieces that Cory cut out. ha. Peyton was bouncing off the walls with excitement, but did not enjoy scraping her pumpkin at all. I made her scoop it out once.

are you serious face... getting ready... here I go...

so grossed out! haha! She only got one tiny little seed out.

Loving it!

The first one is Noah's pumpkin. When we asked him what he wanted he just kept saying "Noah". So Cory drew and carved Noah's face. It must have been exactly what he wanted because he was thrilled! The second pumpkin is Peyton's. She chose that picture out of the little book we got with our carving tools. I had the pleasure of carving it for her, and it took forever! The third pumpkin is Cory's Totoro creation. The last one is "mine". Noah picking the pumpkin out, and Peyton drew the puppy face for me.

So there it is. Pumpkin carving 2012.

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