Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ten on tuesday!

1. Today Peyton had her well check. She is perfectly healthy! Yay! She also impressed the doctor with her drawing skills, and writing her name. Poor kid got two shots. She had no idea they were coming, but she only cried for like 20 seconds, and then was off with the nurses to pick a prize from the  treasure chest. 

2. Cory gave Noah a haircut a few days ago. Cutting Noah's hair is no easy task. ha.

3. I think Annie is going to miss the summertime! 

4. Did I mention that Peyton is going to go to Preschool this year? I'm totally stoked about it. It's 3 hours on Tuesdays and Thursday, and only $40 a month. Its at our church, and while the kids are in "school" the moms work in the church, and younger siblings get free childcare! Its such a win/win for our family. Peyton is so excited! I'm pretty excited about meeting ladies with kids the same ages as my own, and I'm happy to be working in a church again, and building relationships with the staff members. So hooray for that!

5. Peyton will aslo be taking dance again. She's been practicing her skipping this summer. She's pretty excited about showing Ms. Kimber her news skills and letting her know that she turned FOUR! ha.

6. Peyton is also playing soccer this fall! She is the cutest little soccer player I have ever seen. Her little shin guards are adorable. We are anxiously awaiting the email to let us know what team she is on. I signed up to be a team mom. I have no idea what that means, but I wanted to do something, and I was too scared to coach. Maybe I'll coach next year.

7. Noah is trucking right a long with his language development. He is starting to talk in 2 and 3 word sentences. He loves to tell me "no wike it" while I'm making dinner. Thanks, bud. Its still kind of hard to understand him, but he is getting there. 

8. It was near impossible to keep Noah out of our fire pit. He loves driving his cars and trucks in dirt. So instead of having him continue to play in the nasty ash, I filled his water table with sand. So now we have sand all over our patio. Annie likes to jump, dig, and lay in it, and Noah comes inside covered in sand. But, at least I'm not scrubbing ash off his body and out of his clothes.

9. Noah still has his glasses, but I feel so bad for him when he wears them outside because he gets so hot and sweaty. His glasses are always fogged up, and sprinkled with sweat drops. 

10. Annie is getting spayed next Tuesday. Ha. I just thought I'd throw that out there because I'm having a hard time thinking of things to write about.

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