Monday, October 27, 2008

Playing with her friends

Milca, Shawn and the kids came over for dinner on Saturday. We hadn't really hung out with them since Peyton has been born and it was so different. Ha. We spent most of the time juggling babies. Well, Cory and Shawn got to play tennis...

Aryana, Angel and Peyton. They all look the same size. Ha! Aryana is 18 months, Angel is 6 months and Peyton is almost 3 months.

Jose wanted her to take a picture with Optimus Prime.
And Iron Man.
Getting a love tap from Aryana.
She already loves being read too.


steph said...

I like the ones of you reading to her...but you gotta get your face in the picture too!

cory said...

thanks steph. i took those. post more pictures.

Peyton's Pages said...

My face was in some of the pictures, I just chose not to share those. Ha!