Monday, October 20, 2008

First trip to the beach and meeting some new friends

We went to the beach today with Steph, Kayley and Cole. Peyton slept most of the time, but I loved just being at the beach again. ::sigh::

Sorry the pictures are a little jumbled. 

There aren't many pictures of me and Peyton together because I'm always behind the camera. Even though I look like junk I'm glad I have this picture. Thanks, Steph!
Swinging for the first time.
Peyton with her future mother-in-law and husband. : )

For those of you who have seen Little Miss Sunshine, this is totally the hotel the pageant was at. : ) 
Coley  holding Peyton. So cute. I love his little feet sticking out.

Peyton being held by her future sister-in-law. 
Sleeping at the beach.

Meeting Momma K. Thanks for letting us all come over today!
Meeting Vicky.
Cole being so sweet to an unhappy Peyton.
Hanging out with Steph.
More kisses from Coley Oley.


Krista said...

I am SO disappointed that you didn't post any of the fun pictures I took. Like the one of my cool tattoo.

Anyhow. I'm glad you guys went to the beach, I hope you have an uneventful flight and God blesses you with a good seat person, and I can't wait to see you in November!

cory said...

cole really seems to like her... i approve.

hillary said...

oh i love those. cole looks so big next to little peyton. i love that he was giving her kisses, even while she was screaming. what a gentlemen. so if you have a boy next, which you will, and then i get married and have a girl first, can she marry your manchild? i mean, it only seems fair if pobs is going to marry cole. then we could all be connected in the circle of life.

Steph said...

These turned out really great! I love the one of you two on the swing!

Peyton's Pages said...

Of course, Hillary! What a great circle of life!

Krista, your pictures were no good. So sorry. I mean, a foot, a mirror, some letters...?

Mama K said...

Well, it took me a while to make my way here to Peyton's Pages, but it was so worth it. So great to see all the photos and to keep up with precious little Peyton and her awesome parents.