Saturday, December 6, 2008

A good day

Today was a fun day! Steph, Kayley, Cole and Krista came over to go swimming with Peyton and I, and it was great fun!

Here I am hauling Kayley and Cole across the pool. It was a great workout. 
Going under...didn't even phase her.

At the beach.

We'll miss this.


Krista said...

I had fun with you guys today! Peyton is getting so big. :)

hillary said...

that one with you guys and the sunset is a really cool picture. im kinda jealous that i'm not swimming the pool and that Pobs will love steph and not me.

hsherrill87 said...

All these are great..the one of you holding Peyton with the sunset is amazing! Have a safe trip home!

cory said...

sheis such a thug in that picture with you and steph. and you are holding her. she's like "what?"

Mr. and Mrs. Ski said...

I wish I could have gone with! I've wanted to swim so bad lately! Mainly to see if I sink or float with this belly. I have to agree with everyone about the sunset picture. AMAZING!